Marianne Jones LLC

As a full-service high-end residential design firm specializing in new construction and remodeling projects, Marianne Jones LLC, with locations in Michigan and California, believes every home should be a reflection of those who live there. For this luxury condo, a well-edited look with clean lines and layered textures and tones fits the bill for someone looking for deluxe digs and in-town living.

Interior designers Marianne Jones and Elle Tor had a vision for the industrial space. “We wanted to create a hardscape that was quiet and neutral,” says JonJones and Tor stated, “The main focus was to keep it relatively neutral to appeal to more people, with a nod to the industrial vibe.”

The soothing neutral palette blends metals and woods with subtle fabrics and rugs with an organic feel. The light linen sectional contrasts with the dark wood coffee table in the living room. Flexible furnishings include footstools that offer additional places to sit when needed. “We tried to maximize the amount of seating,” says Tor.
A well-curated mix pairs a vintage metal-and-glass console behind the sofa with a wood media cabinet beneath the TV. “The loft has an industrial-hip vibe with softened contemporary clean neutral lines. It would be easy for someone to move right in,” says Jones.

Making the third-floor unit more efficient was a real game changer. “It didn’t have a lot of storage or usable kitchen space,” she adds. “We created a hallway
console for keys, added a food pantry and coat closet. We doubled the size of the kitchen.” Updates include new cabinets, quartz countertops, appliances and an island that makes it great for gathering and entertaining.

The ensuite master bedroom was outfitted with a custom closet, and luxury master bath, while the second bedroom was designed to become a flex space that can accommodate overnight guests or someone working from home. “Having so much storage makes it more functional for the times that we live in,” says Tor.

Other perks include the wonderful light and tall ceilings and windows. “With all that glass, it’s this great expanse with a view looking onto the courtyard,” says Jones. The luxurious décor and more usable space elevate the stress-free setting. “With condo living in a beautiful location, you just turn the key and leave worries behind,” says Jones.

This is a lifestyle property with a great location and the opportunity for turnkey living. “It feels like a fully functional home, not a condo,” says Tor.isting elements, such as tall ceilings and track lighting were cozied up with warm, naturally finished wide-plank oak flooring.

Richard Ross Designs

With a reputation for timeless interiors and creative space planning, Richard Ross, interior designer and president of Birmingham-based Richard Ross Designs and Filip Lazovski, an interior designer at his firm, took a two-bedroom loft to new heights.

First, they were determined to take the standard and dated existing finishes in the former rental apartment to a higher level. In some cases, a complete redesign would be needed like the master bathroom layout that went from cumbersome to custom by taking a closet from the second bedroom to expand it and adding luxurious touches like porcelain tile that emulates alabaster. “It revitalized the space,” Ross says.

Other creative enhancements include the addition of wing walls to the well-equipped kitchen that give it more definition. “It used to be U-shaped,” explains Ross. “We got rid of the peninsula and added a floating island. It’s a spacious unit, but we wanted it to feel and look even bigger, which is one of our specialties.”

Since the talented design team often fine-tune architectural plans for new builds, they knew how to maximize the potential of a front hall closet in the entry that now houses a laundry room and ample storage with cabinets and shelves. “We understand how people want to live, so we look at the design with a discerning eye,” Ross says.

Finishing touches, such as the ripple-fold draperies that replaced mesh blinds to reveal the expansive windows, highlight desirable features. “Painting the frames emphasized the authentic loft feeling and really gave it a more finished feel,” says Lazovski. The dark charcoal shade also chosen for the doors and the trim creates a cozy effect.

The classic modern aesthetic blends traditional aspects with contemporary components. “There are elements of both,” says Ross. “For all of our jobs, we strive for timeless, soothing and beautiful interiors.” Adds Lazovski: “Yet they are still fresh.”

This sophisticated loft fits that description with a neutral palette and minimal furniture and accents that make an impact. “If you have too much color and pattern, it makes it difficult to see through that to the outside,” says Ross. Besides, he adds, “People want to come home to a relaxing and comfortable space.”

One such place would be the master bedroom where a custom upholstered headboard provides a dramatic backdrop for the king-size bed that makes the space feel bigger. A second bedroom was furnished as a home office space, and even the guest bathroom was given a visual twist. “If you don’t have a powder room, you can use drapery to camouflage the tub and give it more of a powder room feel,” Ross says.

Dramatic lighting lends an elegant touch throughout, like the fixture above the custom banquette in the dining room where an upholstered bench lets guests converse at the table or turn to face the kitchen or bar area.

After making one spacious loft in a prime location even more enticing, they are working on another unit now that this one has sold. “We work very hands-on from the beginning to the end of a project,” says Lazovski. Adds Ross: “We are a full-service design firm and we always go the extra mile.”